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Charlotte Protesters Get In Faces Of Police – You Kill Us Dead In The Street

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While this is terribly sad, if I was a LEO trying to do my job and someone was being uncooperative with a gun in their hands, I would rely on my training regardless of race. With all the recent attacks on police they are now always on high alert. Best thing to do when in an encounter with a LEO is to maintain eye contact, speak respectfully and if you have a gun in your possession inform them of it and it’s whereabouts.


Prosecutors decided today not to file criminal charges against Brentley Vinson, the Charlotte-Mecklenburg police officer who shot Keith Lamont Scott in September.

Mecklenburg County District Attorney Andrew Murray said in a press conference that Vinson “acted lawfully,” and declared that the incident was a “justified shooting based on the totality of the evidence” because the officer perceived an imminent threat.

Murray said 15 veteran prosecutors in his office were unanimous in their recommendation not to charge Vinson with acrime.

In the wake of the decision, protests broke out in Charlotte. Four protesters were arrested, police said Wednesday night.

Scott’s death sparked days of protest and unrest in Charlotte, North Carolina, after a series of videos of the encounter were released to the public.


This is what everyone is talking about in the video below:

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