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Charlotte Victim Family Releases Video To NY Times And I Have Questions! [VIDEO]

The Scott’s family has released a portion of the video that showed the death of her husband at the hands of law enforcement officers.

I am one to follow the instructions of police whenever necessary. I don’t feel blacks are being targeted by cops on a daily basis because that is not the world I grew up in or do I believe it.

However, watching this video, the gun looks placed on the ground in this videoand I think the officer in the red shirt should be questioned.

The above picture is at 1:56, this photo below is at 2:02


Here is the video below. Maximize it on your computer and look at the ground. There was no gun in the shadow or sun before 2:02 of the recording. I have great eyes and I’ve looked over this many times.

From Fox News:

A video of the fatal encounter between Charlotte police officers and Keith L. Scott has been released by the family to the New York Times.

The cell phone footage (below) was recorded by Scott’s wife, Rakeyia. The video, however, does not show Scott in the moments before a police officer opened fire, so it remains unclear whether he had a firearm.

The gunshots can be heard, but Scott and the officers are not visible in the video at that moment.

Police showed their own videos to the family on Thursday, but have not released them publicly.

Scott’s family has maintained he did not have a weapon.

In the video, Rakeyia Scott pleads with police not to shoot her husband, screaming out that he had suffered a T.B.I (traumatic brain injury) and was not a threat.

Police, however, could be heard yelling at Scott over and over to “drop the gun.”

Rakeyia Scott insisted to the officers that her husband did not have a gun.

“Did you shoot him?!” she yelled after several shots rang out.

“These are the police officers that shot my husband, and he better live. He better live. Because he didn’t do nothing to them,” she said as she recorded the officers standing over Keith Scott’s body.

Just so you know, the video is inconclusive. You don’t see anything. The only person saying no gun is the wife who is filming. She is too far away to know for sure.

Hopefully, we all get a better view to help understand what exactly happened.

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