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Checkmate! Donald Trump’s POTUS Front Row Guest Just Made Hillary Really Cough!

Donald Trump and his advisors are sharp people! Trump seems to listen and take their advice. Sign of a good POTUS! Unlike Obama and Hillary who listen to Muslims and others who hate America.

I have been WAITING for Trump to use Gennifer Flowers or Monica Lewinsky as a “psychological weapon” against Hillary. The Democratic Presidential nominee has NO qualms with misrepresenting every single statement that Trump has ever made. She also has no qualms with singling out Trump’s wife and daughter. Therefore her willingness to allow her “Uncle Creepy” husband to terrorize women is fair game.

Flowers is on her way to sit on the front row where Hillary will be coughing all night. Maybe Gennifer should cough to get Clinton’s attention?

From CBS News:

Gennifer Flowers is taking up Donald Trump’s presidential debate invitation.

Flowers, the ex-model who made headlines after having an extramarital relationship with Bill Clinton, said on her (unverified) Twitter account Saturday that she was in Trump’s “corner” and would “definitely be at the debate.”

An assistant to Flowers also confirmed to BuzzFeed News that the model was willing to attend.

The statement of support from Flowers comes after Trump threatened to seat her front-row at the first presidential face-off of the general election.

When it was stated Hillary is putting Dallas Maverick’s owner Mark Cuban in the front row to unhinge Trump during the debate, Trump quickly wins the night with this one.

Hillary wants to play games, and then the media is mad she/them are called out on it. You can’t have it both ways. I’m glad he’s just not gonna roll over and die like Romney did! Don’t play with fire if you don’t want to get burned.

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If you are an American, think of Hillary as president, think of the Supreme Court Judges she will appoint, think of her Islamic ties, her inability to tell the truth. Think of her deleted emails, think of those in Benghazi that she left to die, Think about all the refugees and illegal immigrants streaming into our country, think about your children and grandchildren. Imagine terrorist as neighbors in our country. PLEASE THINK!!!! Vote Trump! America 1st!!

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