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Chicago Bears defensive player released; felt like killing everyone

Jay Ratliff may be one of the best defensive linemen in the NFL, but based on what happened the day he was cut, he may not be with an NFL team anytime soon.

According to the police report (via TMZ Sports), Ratliff went crazy when the Chicago Bears released him on Oct. 21. Ratliff walked into the Bears facility claiming he needed to get his stuff and he told someone “He felt like killing everybody in the building.”

Miami Dolphins v Chicago Bears

According to the report, Ratliff told someone “I am the devil” and “he wished staff member’s children would die.”

Another Bears official said the Lake Forest Police they were worried about their safety and they believed Ratliff owned multiple firearms. The Bears told the police that Ratliff was not allowed back on the property and the police stayed at the facility until the entire staff left.

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