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Childish: Leo Terrell puts hands over his ears to silence questions during heated debate on Hannity

Hannity asked Terrell if he believes in a gunowner’s right to privacy. Terrell raised his voice and brought up the Sandy Hook shooting to argue that such information helps “alert the neighborhood of people who are mentally ill.” When Hannity dismissively asked if people should just be reporting their neighbors to the authorities, Terrell fired back, “it would have saved twenty-six lives!”


Jay Sekulow pointed out that background checks, including a person’s mental health, are required in all fifty states before they can get a gun, telling Terrell that all he’s doing is just jeopardizing the gun rights of law-abiding citizens. Hannity brought up O.J. Simpson, and instead of responding to Hannity’s point, Terrell simply put his hands over his ears and brought an end to the debate.

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