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Chris Wallace confronts Donald Trump: Are all Muslims a potential threat

The reason I am not on TV on a regular basis is because my answer to this would be YES!

Fox Sunday host Chris Wallace didn’t do that much homework by generalizing a question to try to box in the GOP front-runner into a corner on his temporary Muslim ban policy.  Wallace brought up Muslims number in the billions and with that said “Are you saying that all of them are potential security threats?”

Trump reminded Wallace about 9/11 and San Bernardino he could have even thrown in the Naval Yard and Ft Hood, but he specifically stated the well-known fact of  “big problems” and “tremendous hatred” in the Muslim world against the United States. He said, “Where it comes from, I don’t know.”

Maybe Trump should have responded, “Can you tell the difference between the peaceful Muslims and extreme Muslims?”

Watch this video clip:

Do you think Wallace’s question was fair? Do you think Wallace is playing sympathy card bringing up the religion aspect? If so, why didn’t Wallace mention Islam is also a form of government for Muslims?

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