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If the recent treatment of CBS reporter Sheryl Atkinnson didn’t dissuade you from watching the network, maybe the other night’s hideous musical (?) performance on The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson will.

While their slogan remains “America’s Most Watched Network,” they may need to change it to “America’s Most Regretful Network.”  Once the full force of the no-longer silent majority has their say, they may wish to apologize to the nation for the assault on our sensibilities with a song that dared to state that Jesus’ mother Mary should have had an abortion.  I’ll refrain from sharing the name of the band (cough) as not to add to their notability.  This means war with CBS for now.  The band was/is a nobody with even less talent.

The blood rushing through my veins right now still boils after hearing this latest news. Is there no low that these miscreant people will stoop?  “Artists” think they can continue to poop on the Savior, with little retaliation.  Those days are long past.

So, as we have seen in the recent weeks with A&E, SunTrust Bank and Costco, it’s time to make our voices heard with CBS.  Below is the contact number for CBS. Please explain to them that their own Ethics and Compliance standard was violated by this disgusting display of indecency and we just won’t tolerate it!!

To contact CBS Audience Services division directly in New York, you may call 212-975-3247.  Leave a message.  I just left them an earful.

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