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Christians Under Attack ….written by RockPrincess

The persecution of Christians in the Middle East is accelerating.  The root of these persecutions lies in a form of radicalism that perceives followers of any other religion as inconveniences to be to be tolerated at best, and enemies/fifth columnists to be eliminated at worst.  It is not just Christians, but ALL minorities/unorthodox factions.

We often hear conservatives speak of the persecution of Christians, however, not a word is uttered by President Obama on the subject. Far worse, the press provides little to no coverage.  You may ask why Obama has not been asked about it in recent press conferences? Unfortunately, it is due to the new norm of the liberal press seemingly unconcerned about human rights and equal protection under the law unless of course it suits their agenda.

The issue at hand, the right to your religious beliefs. We not only see the persecution of Christians abroad, it is happening, here, in the U.S.A.  The baker in Colorado, the photographer in New Mexico, Phil Robertson punished by A&E., the ACA birth control mandate and the list goes on…

GLAAD and other leftist groups claim to stand for equal rights within the society but in reality it is not tolerance they seek, rather they wish to force the population to think as they do or they will rain down financial and legal repercussions.

As a Jew, I am also ashamed of the liberal Jewish community not speaking out against the persecution of Christians. The silence tends to demonstrates liberal ideology is more important to them than fighting religious discrimination. Of all people who should be at the forefront of fighting against religious discrimination, it should be the Jews.

As we have seen there are more people in America and in the Middle East who wish to retain their right to their religious beliefs.

On the other hand, Islamists appear to believe their version of Islam should be the only view, and no other no religious faith is relevant in the world, especially in those countries with an Islamic history.

They are intolerant of different religious faiths and want utter domination by their version of Islam, in many ways this is akin to what the left and GLADD are doing to Christians, they appear to be intolerant of the beliefs and teachings of the Bible.

The persecution of Christians in America will increase and become more horrific as long as we allow the “tolerant” to show their hatred for people who believe in and follow the Bible.

When the ungodly feel threatened, they then become aggressive, they go after those who believe in and follow God.

Most of the sheeple have turned away from God so this is no surprise, they have not the wisdom to see the obvious and they will rue the day for being the fools that they are.

I often wonder when we will hear the left speak about gays being persecuted by Muslims? Are they ok with gays who receive the death penalty or are beheaded? Or is their outrage reserved for those gays who are refused wedding cake?  The hypocrisy continues unchecked and unquestioned.

As is illustrated for us time and again, the liberal left and the mainstream media are pathetic and the hypocrisy continues unchecked and unquestioned.

Religious freedom is a natural right and it should be defended by all who are truly interested in freedom.

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