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Chrome browser extension hits jackpot with title bar music player

When I write stories or work on this website from time to time, I like to listen to music  I’ve found the problem with listening to music on YouTube and Soundcloud is that you’re also streaming the video that is an unnecessary load on your internet connection, and you have to keep the site open in a tab, now there is a cure!

Meet UpNext Music Player, a Chrome extension that lets you play music from both YouTube and Soundcloud from the title bar.

You can search for music, create playlists, and even import them. It also features top charts of trending music from various genres that you can listen to.

UpNext Music Player resides entirely in the title bar. It adds an equalizer button to the title bar that you click to access its interface. The extension has four tabs; Now Playing, Search, Playlists, and Charts.

The Search tab not only offers suggestions as you type the name of a song or artist, but it also lets you choose to search either YouTube or Soundcloud instead of both. Click on a result and you can play it, or you can add it to a playlist.


The column on the left is the music player with familiar controls like forward, back, play/pause, shuffle, and repeat buttons. UpNext Music Player will show you desktop notifications when you switch to the next song, but you can disable them from its settings (bottom right corner).


To import a playlist, click the Import button at the bottom and then enter the URL for the playlist (the playlist must be public). Again, you can import playlists from both YouTube and Soundcloud.


Download UpNext Music Player From The Chrome Web Store


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