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Chuck Woolery RIPS Cultural Hollywood Marxists for Trump Attack Ad

Chuck Woolery, a staunch conservative and former host of TV’s successful show “Love Connection,” just took it to the Hollywood liberals putting out a Donald Trump attack commercial to scare voters.

Think about it – if you’re a typical middle-class American fed up with everything wrong with the status quo in Washington, would you listen to a bunch of Hollywood elitists who are sheltered and protected by their wealth from the consequences of Hillary being president? Me neither.

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This is all backfiring on these celebrities. Just take a gander at YouTube comments, social media, tv ratings, the proof is there. People are sick of being goaded by celebrities who think they know better.

Anybody ever wonders why celebrities don’t put their money where their mouths are? I find most of them completely hypocritical. Just look at Leonardo Di Caprio who gives speech after speech about the environment, yet flies around in his private jet more than six times a week. Or the numerous celebrities that like to address the homeless problem in this country and own three or four houses all over the world. Don’t you think if they believed in what they were saying, their lifestyle would reflect it?

I am like most of you, sick of Hillary and celebrities acting like I need an intervention or mental help because I support Trump. That’s offensive to me. It’s not like Hillary is a good candidate. She’s corrupt to her core, she lies, cheats, and was under investigation by the FBI!

Actors/celebrities don’t influence me. I just ignore what they say. So big deal the “Hollywood” people made a commercial. Ignore it.

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