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Citizen McGuire to Trump: Don’t let GOPe suck you in!

Right now the Repubs like Ryan are saying Trump is going to hurt the party when Senate voting takes place. Governors like McCain are blaming Trump saying he is hurting them with Hispanic voters with all his talk about deporting illegal’s and building a wall. My reply to that is if they had done their job in the first place, Trump wouldn’t even be in politics. How – McCain promised people in 2010 when he was politicking that he would finish the “Fence” in Arizona. Did he do it? NO, he did not.

Politicians in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Texas, etc. have all said they saw illegal immigration as a problem, and would do something about it. What did they do? Nothing. More illegal’s are coming in than ever, which is especially frightening given that we have Islamic extremist groups trying to get in through our border with Mexico, as well as the damage the criminal types are doing in our schools, jails, and society in general.

So Trump saying that throwing out Illegal’s and building a wall is racist and anti-Mexican? Why so? It’s only so if the illegals are in fact Mexicans. Does any group of people, the Irish, the Italian, the African American, or Canadian have special rules that say they don’t have to follow the laws of our nation when they come here? No? Then why do Mexican’s that have come illegally think that doesn’t apply to them as well? Entitlement?

The immigration laws that started to be passed in the 1970’s by LIBERALS and the lack of enforcement of the laws related to immigration has created a spirit of entitlement. You can see it in the schools, cities, and jails all over America. A lack of respect for our social order, laws, and people that call themselves Americans. We are not the enemy. Nor do we want to keep any group of peace loving people who desire to become Americans from joining our nation. What we are not interested in is having other nations invade our land and attempt to use our laws and culture against traditional American values. Some would come here and rather than wave the American flag with pride; they want to burn it and wave the flag from wherever they are from. Sorry, but that is what all of the liberal immigration policies have brought us.

Time to clean up the mess. I don’t think deporting honest hard working people is required, but law breakers and anyone not willing to immediately begin getting legal citizen status (so they can pay their share of taxes and share in the responsibilities of building our nation) need to go. We have a right to safety in our country, having immigration laws that work and a wall for our borders must happen, and McCain and all of those who have sat in politics using broken promises to stay in power better understand the volume of this wake-up call. This isn’t about race or hating other groups, it’s about fixing something that is broken and holding our politicians and citizens responsible.

Immigration reform is important not just because of our southern border, but also because of terror threats we face in today’s world from outside the USA. One of the key aspects of reform IMO is that it shouldn’t take so long nor should it be so expensive to complete. We need to find ways to welcome hard working good folks in while we throw out criminals and terrorists. It’s going to be complex and present some challenges because laws have not been enforced for a long, long time. I think it’s crucial to dialogue in a way that works towards peace and understanding because the left will always try to make immigration reform, borders, laws, etc. about racism.

They will try to turn it from protecting our borders and way of life into the practice of hate and racism. Don’t let them suck you in! We must be willing to share our ideas and win over hearts and minds if we are going to do our part in making America great again. Trump can’t do on his own. We all need to play a role in it.

Thank you, Donald Trump, for having the guts to make it a point of challenge and for understanding how it is affecting the quality of our lives, our education, and our society having no borders or accountability. Americans of all races support you!

About Wayne Dupree

My name is Wayne Dupree or as most of you know me by, Newsninja2012. I am and have been committed to exposing the Democrats in a way that has been frowned upon by some conservatives and cheered by many more.

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