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Clever Way to Show Support for Police & Law Enforcement

Showing support for your local police is quite easy to do. On Tuesday Sergeant Greg Moore of Coeur d’Alene, Idaho was shot and killed during patrol. Sgt. Moore was a 16 year LEO veteran as well as a husband and father.

One man, former Chicago Police officer Robert Rees, has decide to help his neighbors show their love and support for Sgt. Moore. Rees purchased blue lights and handed them out his neighbors so they could replace the white porch light bulbs with the blue lights.

These lights are expected to be displayed for the gunned down officer through the funeral procession on Saturday. This gesture of support seems simple and easy and could go along way in showing support for all LEO (law enforcement officers) around the country injured or not.

With the police under constant scrutiny around the country perhaps all of us who support our local police could do the same and start a nationwide trend?

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