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Climate Science is Settled, NO Debate Needed!!! Part 2

I recently wrote about How to Effectively Argue Climate Change and I wanted to share some additional arguments with you. You will inevitably get the comment that the science is settled and we don’t need any further debate. It’s a subset of the argument from authority. Some 25 years ago, when I first read about human caused global warming, as it was called then, I figured, naively, that these guys knew what they were doing. But then one day I read that in their view the science of human caused global warming was settled, and there was no debate needed on it. That was the day I turned against Anthropic Global Warming (AGW). I became an instant skeptic for the very reason it was claimed to be settled and no debate should be allowed.

Nothing in science is settled, and most definitely nothing in science is beyond debate. 

It is precisely because science is never settled and always open to debate that science has endured the test of time as a means to discover how the Universe works.

Only those who have something to hide will claim their views are settled. 

Only those who cannot defend their dogma will claim there is no need for any debate. So I started to check further and the more I read, the more I realized AGW or it’s new incarnation, Anthropic Climate Change (ACC), or the really new mantra Climate Disruption, was a fallacy. It was nothing more than a means to end Western Capitalism. (and here as a means to redistribute wealth). There are other variations of the argument from authority, also referred to as the “consensus.”

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