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Clinton “Cleaner Guy” Returns To Debate Podium To Swipe Material He Didn’t Get EARLIER [VIDEO]

Hillary Clinton’s “Cleaner Guy” is Brady Williamson. Williamson is long time Democrat strategist who seems to be working with the Clintons at this point. His actions on the night of the debate are very questionable and leave a lot to questions that need to be answered.

Why was he there? What was his purpose? What did he sweep Clinton’s podium twice and why was he looking as if he were guilty of a crime.

According to Wikileaks, Williamson could be a major player in the Clinton campaign. In this email letter schedule from 2009, Williamson had a private scheduled meeting with him.

Don’t you find it funny this guy shows up again with Clinton on the debate stage cleaning, hoping nobody asks him any questions or stops him from doing his job?


When Clinton spoke in China in 1995, she thanked Williamson:

Brady Williamson, a Wisconsin lawyer who led my advance team, received daily inquiries from Chinese officials as to what I was going to say in my speech. They made it clear that while they welcomed my physical presence at the conference, they didn’t want to be embarrassed by my words and hoped that I “appreciated China’s hospitality.” …

He’s got to be a handler for her, and I think he’s shady. Let me know what you think.

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