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Clinton Responds To Benghazi Report: “I Think It’s Pretty Clear, It’s Time To Move On!”


Hell has space for this woman right now, please Lord Jesus!

There was no way that Hillary Clinton should be the nominee for the Democratic Party with Benghazi over her head. She was told of the extreme atmosphere happening in that region and she turned her back. Ambassador Chris Stevens asked for more security, and she turned her back. When those Americans were attacked in that consulate, she was nowhere to be found. When the bodies came back to the United States, with her back turn, she told the American public that those four individuals were killed because of a video.

Now this is her attitude? Is it time to let this go? We’re just getting started.

Hillary is cold as ice and what she did to Americans should never go away. This is how she treats us. She doesn’t care about the military. She doesn’t care about the security of the government. Hillary doesn’t care about the intelligence of our Armed Forces being hacked by outside influences. This woman is a shepherd for the devil; I swear she’s working for the devil.

Listen to her non-caring attitude toward a damning report given today about her Benghazi actions:

It’s time to move on for who? The families of the deceased heroes, the American public you lied to or you politically? What a scumbag. Let’s spend the next four months making sure this bitch gets crushed.

America is on the line for us, our children and grandchildren. Either you’re with us or you’re the enemy and the enemy needs to be smashed.

The media will help her spin the ‘it was a waste of money’ theme and let her just skate. She’s a horrible person to just brush off these deaths and the families of these heroes like she is doing. All for the Clinton agenda that is only concerned with the Clintons. The rest of us are just dirt beneath their feet to be used as they want. Any American who votes for this woman is just as reprehensible as she is.

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