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Clinton Will Have Optics Walking Off Air Force One; Trump Responds Immediately!

Clearly, it was wrong for the Attorney General to meet with the spouse of someone under FBI investigation, so why would the President have Hillary on Air Force One with him and campaign for her?

My understanding is Air Force one is for emergency flights, state of affairs in the US and overseas. The President flies by chopper usually with air support. We all know who pays, the poor workers of America. There is no way Obama much fewer taxpayers should have to pay for her to be hauled around to spew her lies. At the least, Obama should be packing his crap and getting ready to roll out of the White House or attempting to do the job he was elected for since we haven’t seen much of that either.

From The Hill:

Donald Trump is criticizing President Obama’s use of Air Force One to travel to a campaign event in North Carolina on Tuesday with Hillary Clinton.

“Who pays? Trump asked late Monday on Twitter, noting that Clinton will fly with Obama.

A White House official told a Time magazine reporter that the Obama administration, like previous administrations, follows “all rules and regulations to ensure that the [Democratic National Committee] or other relevant political committee pays what is required for the President to travel to political events.”

Clinton and Obama will appear together for the first time on the campaign trail in Charlotte. Trump also has an appearance set in North Carolina on Tuesday, in Raleigh.

Trump on Tuesday called the use of Air Force One a “total disgrace.”

Obama does realize he is supposed to pay for that, but Congress is nowhere to be found. Obama just nailed a lid on the coffin of his presidency by endorsing her and now campaigning with her, not that it means anything to him. He continues to demean himself and the office he holds for supporting and campaigning for her and her puppet masters.

Clinton is a lackluster senator and an epic fail as a Secretary of State. (So much so that there are 2 FBI criminal investigations. One or both of these were the focus of the interrogation on Saturday at the FBI offices. It was NOT an interview. She had five lawyers with her. She should be disqualified as a candidate and should never have been a nominee in the first place. She should be paying her way not using tax payers money for her campaign. She should have to pay for the cost of the plane

America we must protect our constitutional rights, and push federal government’s overreach back and not allow government, to crush individual liberties. Let’s put Donald J. Trump in the White House as soon as possible.

The world is watching this mafia style Democratic primary.

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