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Clinton’s worst nightmare – Paula Jones flags down Donald Trump at Arkansas rally

Imagine if Bill and Hillary Clinton were watching GOP frontrunner, Donald Trump, just finishing his speech in Arkansas and while he’s making his rounds, shaking hands, Paula Jones reaches out to him to speak to him.

Oh to be a roach on the floor for that one.

The Clintons don’t want Jones speaking to Trump about anything as she can easily give Trump more ammunition to fight the Clintons if he is the GOP nominee, and the #WARonWOMEN false narrative is entered into the general election.

From Arkansas Online :

Paula Jones, a former state employee whose allegations of sexual harassment dogged President Bill Clinton throughout his administration, was photographed appearing at a rally for presidential candidate Donald Trump in Little Rock Wednesday.

In a photograph taken by the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette’s Benjamin Krain, a woman identified as Jones can be seen in the crowd reaching toward Trump.

A video of the event posted on YouTube shows Trump greeting fans as he walks off the stage. People can be heard yelling “Paula Jones,” to focus the candidate’s attention toward her.

Jones is then shown saying “I want a selfie,” which she then takes with Trump.

Jones sat down with Inside Edition just a few days ago and said she supports Trump for President.

“I’m going to vote for the person who I think is best for our country and to get it back on track and the person who can be trusted,” she said. “Somebody who is from the heart and is a truthful person and loves our country.”

Watch the Arkansas event rally exchange here:

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