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Close Obama Friend Jay-Z Wearing Symbol of Group that Believes White People are Inferior to Black Men

Rapper Jay-Z was spotted at the Nets game wearing a medallion with the symbol of, none other than, the Five Percent Nation. What is Five Percent Nation? It is said to be an offshoot of Islam and one of the core tenants is that white people are ‘weak’ and ‘inferior’ to black men who hold the power of God.

When he was asked if the symbol around his neck had any meaning to him (an eight-pointed star with the number 7 in the middle) Jay-Z reportedly shrugged and said, “A little bit.”

Below is the group’s official symbol which can be seen above around Jay-Z’s neck.

The Five Percent Nation Official Symbol
The Five Percent Nation Official Symbol

The group was founded in 1963 by Clarence Smith, a former student of Malcolm X. According to Black Apologetics,

“Clarence taught that eighty-five percent of the population is made up of ignorant, unlearned and uncivilized people who need to be led (mostly churchgoers). This eighty-five percent are believed to have no “knowledge of self”. Ten percent of the population have some knowledge of self [i.e. the real truth], however, they use this knowledge to wield control over the eighty-five percent vs. “liberating” them [most baptist preachers, including Rev. Jesse Jackson are believed to be in this category]. Lastly, he considered the remaining five percent to be those who thought/believed like himself and his followers. The “poor, righteous teachers”, the ones who do possess knowledge of themselves, their origins, and the way the world system really is — and additionally, the way in which the new world order will come about.

Author Michael Muhammad Knight, a converted Muslim and adherent who has written two books on the Fiver Percenters, speaking to Vice, said, 

The first lesson I learned from the Five Percent was simple. F*** white people. White people are devils.


This is not the first time that Jay-Z has been seen sporting the symbol. Last year the rapper made an appearance at two New York radio stations to promote his new album Magna Carta Holy Grail wearing a similar chain that symbolizes the Nation of Gods and Earths, which is another name for the organization.

Via Power 105.1 Website
Via Power 105.1 Website

The rumors of Jay-Z being tied to various groups are often perpetuated by the lyrics and imagery in some of his music videos, especially occult and Satan worship. Some of his lyrics are more blatant than others, such as the words in a song on his newest album titled ‘Heaven’ which speaks about some of the Five Percent doctrine including the line, “Arm leg leg arm head this is God Body.” That phrase in the opening of the track is addressing the Five-Percent Nation’s acronym for Allah (Arm, Leg, Leg, Arm, Head).

Jay-Z also isn’t the first rapper to write music aligning himself with this Nation of Islam offshoot. In fact, this is nothing new in the hip-hop world. In the 90’s, popular rappers such as the Wu Tang Clan, Nas, and Mobb Deep all used the group’s terminology and taught the beliefs in some of their music.

Jay-Z and Rapper P-Diddy supporting President Obama at a campaign event
Jay-Z and Rapper P-Diddy supporting President Obama at a campaign event
Jay-Z and President Obama at a campaign rally
Jay-Z and President Obama at a campaign rally

While Jay-Z has a right to believe whatever he wants and wear whatever he wants to for fashion or other reasons, it is absolutely outrageous to think that this man and his wife are so close to president Obama. Remember, Jay-Z has been a frequent guest at the White House and is said to have a tight relationship with the president. 

Just a side note for those who would dismiss this and think its just no big deal; Since Jay-Z thinks it fashionable to wear this blatantly racist symbol, will it now  be OK for white celebrities to wear blinged out Klan hoods to events? Just wondering.

What are your thoughts on Jay-Z’s fashion statement? Does it seem inappropriate for president Obama to have a close relationship with someone like Jay-Z? Comment with your thoughts below.

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