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CNN Asks For Fact Check Cell Phones Destroyed By Hammers Under Clinton – Watch This!

I’m trying very hard not to be political about this but COME ON! Destroying cell phones with hammers? Richard Nixon has absolutely nothing on Hillary Clinton!

For those of you that don’t know destroying a government phone with a hammer violates too many security policies to list. Our elected officials are clueless when it comes to cybersecurity, and it is exactly why we see so many hacks.

Notes from the FBI investigation are saying under Clinton, cell phones were destroyed by hammers. What did they think this was? A Hollywood movie? These people are dumb as hell!

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Breaking your phone in half or hitting it with a hammer does not remove the data that is on the phone. Think about how much information you have on your phone and the anxiety that hits you when you lose your phone. Now imagine you have classified information on the phone.

CNN tried to save Clinton on the hammer information but when it was quickly fact-checked, watch the host’s response:

When the Clinton campaign tries this garbage, what they are doing is trying to subliminally get you to accept that you will vote for Clinton. The human mind learns in two ways. First through matching our current info with what you are being told. Second, we also can be forced to learn through repetition regardless of when it matches our existing knowledge base.

For example, when you listen to the Mickey Mouse Club 20 times at your nephew’s house, and start to sing the hot dog song. So when someone repeats the same crap over and over, they are trying to hammer in something you may not believe in. Don’t fall for her garbage; she thinks you stupid. Enough already.

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