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CNN Boots Donna Brazile To Save “Journalistic Integrity” Face

CNN just offered up Donna Brazile as a scapegoat in the recently leaked emails in the hopes they would save whatever credible journalism label they had in the future.

CNN has lost all journalistic credibility by conspiring to affect taxpayer funded debates. Their company should be never again host or be directly involved with tax payer funded debates.

As for Brazile, she got caught once again giving the Democratic candidate questions before a debate was wreaks of corruption and collusion.

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CNN is issuing damage control to save face and keep CNN as a major news source. They’ll fire a few scapegoats for the time being and see if it dies down. Most of the people in CNN are on the Clinton ticket and are corrupt propagandists.


CNN announced it has “accepted the resignation” of contributor Donna Brazile. Leaked Clinton campaign emails released by WikiLeaks earlier this month and Monday show that Brazile shared questions with the Clinton camp before a March primary debate and a town hall. CNN said in a statement that Brazile resigned October 14.

Brazile is now the interim chair of the Democratic National Committee, a post she took over after Debbie Wasserman Schultz stepped down in the wake of leaked emails suggesting she and her staff backed Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders.

In an uncomfortable bit of irony, Brazile was apparently also a Clinton partisan: the WikiLeaks emails released earlier this month show that she told the Clinton campaign that one of the questions during a March town hall would be about the death penalty. The question, she added, “worries me about HRC.” Now, the emails released today show she shared another question with the Clinton campaign before the CNN debate with Sanders.

The fact that a presidential candidate that is a criminal suspect, being investigated by the FBI; is still allowed to remain in the race, it’s perturbing and dangerous to our Republic.

Understand that if criminal Clinton, were to become the US President, we would be facing an unprecedented constitutional crisis that might be beginning to the end of the USA as the Nation where the rule of law and where the separation of powers prevail, and might be the start of a dictatorial tyranny.

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