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CNN Don Lemon wanted to talk Trump; conservative guest brought up Bill Clinton; feed was cut!

Democrats and their lapdogs in the media have become nothing but a human cesspool who would suck up to rapists, pedophiles , drug users, Sex abusers, con Artists, racists, thieves , murderers , traitors, and any other unethical, immoral, criminal, creatures you could think of if they thought it would get them a few extra votes.

Tuesday night on CNN, conserservative blogger Kurt Schlichter decided he was going to talk about Bill Clinton’s sexual episodes to show just how silly Don Lemon’s story tonight about Trump mentioning Hillary’s absence from the debate stage this past weekend. Lemon didn’t want Kurt going there and so he cut him off.

Watch the video here:

I know most of you do not watch CNN but do you think this action by Lemon was appropriate to his guest, who took time from his schedule to join the show? Share your thoughts below.


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