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CNN Fired Donna Brazile for Helping Hillary, Will They Fire Wolf Blitzer After This?

America, the case has been made against the mainstream media. Will you accept the facts or will you ignore them like Hillary and Bill Clinton ignore their daily scandals that keep popping up with more frequency?

Just a couple of weeks ago, Donna Brazile was fired from CNN when Wikileaks released information showing she had been feeding questions to Hillary Clinton during the Democratic primaries. They called it disgusting.

Now Wolf Blitzer is implicated into to getting questions to ask Donald Trump during an interview:

Here is the email from a DNC member named DillonL to other members of the DNC asking for questions to ask Trump before a foreign policy address:


This is collusion at the very worst and here’s the thing. They’ve known about it all the time. They never thought it would get out.

Clinton supporters are guilty of supporting a corrupt, evil, lying war-criminal who should have been rotting in a prison if there was real justice in the USA. And it has nothing to do with Trump. It’s just what she is, and it’s not just ignorant to support her, it’s inhumane.

There comes a time when ignorance is no longer a forgivable offense. Her supporters must be held responsible for the economic slavery and evil wars Clinton, her corporate owners and oligarch friends will wage all over the world.

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