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CNN Race-Baiting Guest: Trump’s “Law And Order” Is Code Word for “Getting African-Americans”

The Communist News Network once again has scraped the bottom of the race-baiting barrel to pull up guest Jeffrey Toobin in their attempt to look Trump look bad before the debates.

The Presidential debates are on Monday night, and it seems the Communist News Network is working overtime to taint Trump before their viewers so they can use the pre-game and post-game parties.

Why is everything about race now, why can’t it be that we just don’t like Barack Obama’s policies because it’s hurting America. It has nothing to do with his race, and by the way, I don’t like Obama no matter what color he wants to use. I think you liberals get more stupid every day if it’s not what they want the people to believe it has to be racist as long as you can keep the people fighting each other you can push through your agenda what a bunch of Sicko’s

No Jeffrey, we are sick and tired of being called racist by liberal hacks like yourself who like calling names with no proof. Liberals have nothing to offer, so they are playing the race card and the gender card. The ones who bring up race every five seconds are the racist ones.

The Media is still attacking citizens of this country (Trump supporters), and I would like to know in what reality is this ever okay? Ever since Hillary attacked with her “deplorables” comment, liberals and media alike believe it’s okay to verbally assault American citizens that disagree with their opinions.

Now consider this that the election has not even happened yet. If God forbid, Hillary is coronated in what universe do people believe they will continue to enjoy their freedoms granted in the Bill of Rights? And once the conservative voice is shut down then she will go after everyone else. Kim Jong Ung won’t have anything on her.

Democrats promise everything to African Americans, then leave them in the dust! Voter suppression? What a fraud! You need to show an ID for everything you do in this country! Anybody can go to the DMV and get an ID! Free of charge for people who cannot afford it but this guy wants to blame Trump for racism.

These people are sick. They can’t believe someone would disagree with them for a rational reason; it has to be racism instead. The great fallback for people with no rational arguments of their own,

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