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Cold War Radio

I hope you are looking forward to We Are American Radio (WAAR) as much as we are. WAAR is set to debut next month and with your help, it will be groundbreaking and trendsetting. In order to ensure a smooth kick off, Chris Ivan and I restarted Cold War Radio (CWR) before the launch. We broadcast sixteen episodes with another station and then went silent for too long. We thought it was a good idea to fire it back up and get in the groove with three nights a week, instead of just once a week, as was the original show.

What is CWR? This show is a rebuttal to the revisionist history being spun and sold to the youth and under-informed of our country and the west in general. If you have never heard of Détente or Perestroika, we urge you to tune in. If you have heard of these things, we promise to provide cutting edge analysis regarding what is too often completely unreported, under-reported, or whitewashed in our corporate media and historic segments on every show. We believe the show will be eye-opening. One of the missions of the program is to educate our audience to the subversive elements within our own government and there are many.

Chris wrote an article detailing some of this lately and we will continue to identify Communists, Muslim Brotherhood (and their sympathizers), as well as any other enemies of liberty that exist in the halls of power. So much of American and global society has been shaped by these subversive elements and frankly, continues to be shaped by events, elitism, cronyism, rivalries, military actions and wars, and outright corruption dating back to  even before 1945. We’ll tie it all together.

During the last run up to the presidential election, President Obama mocked failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney for thinking in the eighties. Don’t believe the left, because it’s not over. Plan on joining us each Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, 7:00 pm, EST, a proud member of the Ninja News Network, and soon to be in the rotation on WAAR.

Listen Here Live or go to the archive here. Let us know what you think in the comment section. We look forward to hearing from you and together, we can change the direction of America!

About Hutch BailieJr

Hutch Bailie Jr. is a conservative podcast host and opinion journalist specializing in national security issues. He is currently branching off into video analysis of the issues of the day. Hutch currently co-anchors Steel City Resistance on Sunday evenings and Cold War Radio Monday Wednesday and Friday. He is a periodic contributor and substitute anchor on the Wayne Dupree Show and panelist on the Wayne Dupree video series. His primary studio is located in Pittsburgh, PA.

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