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Photo By U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (Department of Homeland Security) [Public domain], via Wikimedia Commons

College DREAMers Get In-State Tuition, Children Of Veterans Gets Theirs Cut

College DREAMers are celebrating, while college children of veterans may feel quite the opposite. On Tuesday, a judge ruled that “allows students who have received work permits under a federal deferred action program for undocumented immigrants to continue paying in-state tuition rates at many of Arizona’s community colleges”, according to NBC News.

On the other hand, a Texas Senate panel approved a bill last month that would curb tuition benefits for college students that are the children of veterans. It cuts free tuition from 150 hours to 120 hours, limits the number of hours a veteran can pass to their child to 60, and all benefits expire 15 years after the veteran has left service. That bill has just passed the Texas Senate chamber on Monday.

People can disagree on how much DREAMers should and shouldn’t have, but of all people, it is a disgrace to cut tuition benefits to the sons and daughters of our veterans. And this type of action is nothing new under President Obama. While DREAMers are getting benefits, our veterans are being left behind under this president. Two famous cases of this include the 2013 government ‘shutdown’ when Obama closed off the World War II Memorial from our veterans, due to political reasons. A second case was the Veteran Affairs scandal, in which long waiting lines for veterans to get help with their health even led to some deaths.

Not only is it Obama, but it is pitiful when other public officials don’t seem to show the respect and dignity our veterans greatly deserve. This latest vote on the Texas Chamber supporting this bill that cuts tuition benefits for the children of the brave men and women who serve our country is the latest example of disrespect.

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