Colorado House passes 15-round limit on gun magazines – LIVE VIDEO

THIS BILL HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH PUBLIC SAFETY!!! These gun control laws will not be followed by criminals so why are legislators trying to hurt people that abide by the law??

The House on Friday debated the four gun bills for 12 hours as Democratic leaders threatened to stretch the debate into Saturday if Republicans continued to speak against the bills on the floor.

All the bills won initial approval in the House on voice votes Friday, but on Monday it was time for recorded votes and a more limited debate.

House rules limit debate during what is known as “third reading,” or the final vote on a measure, to two trips to the microphone per lawmaker, who can only speak for a total of 10 minutes, although there are some exceptions.

Republicans are opposed to all four bills, which they alternately claim are unconstitutional, will do nothing for public safety or will drive business out of Colorado.

House Bill 1229 requires background checks for all gun transactions; House Bill 1226 involves concealed carry permits on campuses; House Bill 1228 institutes a fee for gun buyers to cover the cost of the Colorado Bureau of Investigation to perform background checks; and House Bill 1224 limits magazines to 15 rounds.

via The Denver Post


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