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Schlapp – Comey Is Showing Pattern As If Trump Pushed Him To Do Something Inappropriate

Matt Schlapp, American Conservative Union Chairman has known former FBI Director James Comey for a while and broke down what was happening and it’s stunning.

Schlapp feels Comey is doing this on purpose using a fail safe to cover himself just in case he was going to be smeared publicly by the Trump administration, which is what he did.

Source: Fox News

The New York Times obtained the contents of a memo Comey wrote after a meeting with Trump earlier this year, in which the president allegedly asked the director to “let [the Flynn probe] go.”

“Jim Comey is striking back [after being fired],” Schlapp said.

He said Comey is trying to appear as a leader “standing up for the Constitution” but is instead “acting like a politician.”

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Philadelphia radio host Dom Giordano said on “The Fox News Specialists” that repeated leaks that turn into mainstream media reports like the Comey memo “look like [a] piling-on” Trump.

“It’s endless, and these things [the media says] are not provable,” Giordano said.

Schlapp said Comey is “showing a strange pattern of behavior if the president was pushing him to do something inappropriate.”

Schlapp was referring to several public events that Trump and Comey attended together during which they appeared to be enjoying themselves together.

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