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Community lauds business owner as good samaritan; Mother of victim wants him charged

Tamon Stapleton, age 18, was in the process of robbing a Knoxville, TN convenience store at gunpoint when a man who was getting gas noticed what was going on. The man, identified as 42 year old Issac Jamal Scruggs, retrieved a handgun from his truck, went into the store and show Stapleton as he was threatening the female clerk with a 9mm handgun.

Now, mother of a violent 18 year old criminal is speaking out. She wants the person, who most are calling a good Samaritan, to be charged in the death of her son.

“I feel like the man should be charged,” she told 10News.

“If the store clerk would have killed him I would have felt different,” said Stapleton. “But because that man came into the store and killed him as he watched this robbery go on…he was not in danger. He could have dialed 911 and then went in to the store. But he didn’t, he just automatically went into the store and shot my son in the head.”

“Tamon was in the wrong, but that man should have dialed 911,” she said to the Knoxville News Sentinel. “He should not have taken the law into his own hands and killed my son. But he wanted to be George Zimmerman.”

Police say the armed customer acted within the law and did the right thing. “You don’t have time. He did not have time to make a phone call,” said Knoxville Police Department Public Information Officer Darrell DeBusk. “He will not be charged because he was acting in good faith at a time when a person was in jeopardy of losing their life.”

Do you think the action fits the crime? Should the store owner be charged?

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