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Congrats Obama! Now Iran is flying unmanned drones over our aircraft carriers, what next?

How embarrassing, our enemies can get that close to us! To think that Iran has the technology fly over our military aircraft carrier is mystifying.

Someone has to see this is a test run for something else.

I recall a bunch of Americans saying no one in any nation can even get close to a carrier without getting shot down. Makes you realize yes we might be the super power, but that other country aren’t just 3D world technology countries anymore. If Iran can fly over a carrier without it knowing China and Russia can do it too. Seems carriers are just sitting ducks.


From Fox News:

Iran claimed Friday it flew a surveillance drone over a U.S. aircraft carrier and took “precise” photographs as part of an ongoing naval drill, as Iranian TV broadcasted video purportedly showing the incident.

The U.S. Navy confirmed to Fox News that an unarmed Iranian drone flew “directly over” the USS Harry Truman earlier this month on Jan. 12, but did not say whether it was the same incident.

That happened on the same day Iran captured 10 U.S. Navy sailors accused of “trespassing.” It also was less than a week before the U.S. and European nations lifted sanctions on Iran over its nuclear program, but months after their initial deal was signed.

A video circulating on social media linked to Iranian news agencies — purportedly taken from a drone — shows a bird’s eye view of an aircraft carrier moving in water, with multiple planes parked on its deck.

Lately, Iran has been challenging or provoking the American military might in the Persian Gulf. Hopefully, their supreme leader will realize the possibility of deadly consequences for these actions.

Our rules of engagement need to be updated and modernized in this time of IEDs, drones, lasers, etc.

There is NO WAY they had any idea if that drone was armed or posed a threat. Iran has hundreds of pounds of highly enriched uranium. What if the drone was loaded with a pound or two of that and an explosive and was flown by ship and detonated?

Are you angry about this? What should be done on our side to make sure it won’t happen again. Share your comments below and let us know what you think.

h/t – Fox News


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