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The Conservative Cauldron Podcast 4/17/15- Clinton and Rubio Presidential Persperations

A big news week for The Conservative Cauldron. The big announcement came this week with former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton formally throwing her hat in the presidential election ring. This was no surprise as most Americans have assumed that she would run again in 2016. Clinton kicked things off with a video on Twitter. The millennial generation are tech savvy and the Clinton campaign feels will be a big portion of her supporters. Hillary Clinton enters the presidential race will mountains of baggage. Top it all off with Benghazi and the disappearing emails and she could be very beatable. Hillary’s “mis-speaking” has already begun as well. At a “spontaneous” campaign stop at a diner in Iowa, the subject of immigration came up. Hillary spoke of her own grandparents who were immigrants. Just one problem, only one of four grandparents actually was an immigrant.

Florida Senator Marco Rubio also jumped into the list of Republican nominees for president. The first term Senator, whose parents fled Castro’s Cuba in the late 50’s, says he is “uniquely qualified” to talk about the American dream. He will likely go up against fellow Floridian, former Governor Jeb Bush, who is also expected to get into the race possibly by next month. The youngest of the candidates, Rubio is able to appeal to so-called “establishment” Conservatives and the Tea Party wing of the GOP. He is also proving to be a prolific fund-raiser.

Former New England Patriots Tight End Aaron Hernandez was sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole on Wednesday for the murder of Odin Lloyd. It is a hard thing to comprehend, how a handsome, talented young man, who had just signed a 5-year $40 million extension with the team could throw it all away so easily for some perceived slight or “disrespect”. He will have a lot of time to contemplate that very question.

Naghmeh Abedini, wife of imprisoned Pastor Saeed Abedini, says that if the release of her husband and other Americans being held in Iranian prisons are not part of any nuclear agreements with Iran, the United States will have little to no leverage left to get them out. “Iran needs to be held accountable”, she said. “They need to show that in some small measure they can be trusted. Why are they still holding the Americans?” Very good question.

WTF- A New Jersey man steals his friend’s car to, wait for it, make it to his court appearance on time. As the friend called police to report his car having been stolen, Jorge Ramirez-Sierra called the friend and said he was on his way back with the car. When the car was returned, police found drug paraphernalia, and a bottle of whiskey in the vehicle. He may not have as much trouble making his next court appearance. It is no doubt a short walk to the courthouse from jail.

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