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The Conservative Cauldron Podcast 5/1/15- Baltimore prosecutor’s overnight investigation and more

The eyes of the nation, including those here at The Conservative Cauldron were on Baltimore this week as violent protests and destruction broke out over the death of an African-American man in police custody. By Friday, not too long before the broadcast, Chief Prosecutor Marilyn Mosby  and her office receive the case. With incredible speed, arrests of six Baltimore police officers, three white, three black came down. While Mosby is no doubt a competent prosecutor, she has a few problems. One is that her husband is a Baltimore city councilman, the other, lawyer for Freddie Gray’s family, William H. Murphy, Jr., was huge supporter of Mosby in her upset of the incumbent prosecutor during last fall’s election. Anyone else see any conflicts of interests here? This case is definitely at the beginning and much more will be learned.

According to a data mining firm that cannot identify themselves because of sensitive government work that they do, found strong connections on social media between the protests in Ferguson Missouri and Baltimore. While this is certainly no surprise, and even though “spoofing” can make someone look like they are posting from one place when they are really in another, it seems to confirm the presence of “professional protesters” in both places stirring up trouble.

Not to let a good bit of racial tension go to waste, President Obama spoke out on the situation in Baltimore and blamed, wait for it, Republicans! He said that the blocking of his agenda, which includes “investments”, a.k.a., spending, on things like early education, criminal justice reform, and job training would make a difference.

Believe it or not, other things were going on in the world besides the destruction of Baltimore. Relief efforts in Nepal after a massive earthquake are being hampered by the rough terrain. Currently the death toll stands at 6200 people, and at least 130,000 houses have been destroyed.

The new normal? latest numbers from the Bureau of Labor Statistics says that in 1 out of every 5 American families, no one works. Must be that phenomenal Obama economic recovery.

Finally in the WTF segment, Bruce Jenner’s 1976 olympic Wheaties cereal box is on sale to the highest bidder on Ebay. Right now, top dollar of $255 goes to an unopened box featuring the gold medal decathlon winner. Better hurry, Bruce won’t be, well, Bruce for much longer.


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