Containment And Quarantine: Can America Stop Ebola From Becoming Rampant?

Ebola is rampant in Africa and in the past few weeks we are now seeing the beginning of its effects here in America.The first person to have Ebola in the United States ,Thomas Eric Duncan, died last Wednesday in a Dallas hospital after receiving treatment. Nina Pham, a nurse who cared for Duncan is being treated for Ebola at this time in Dallas, Texas. Her boyfriend is currently is admitted in the hospital with Ebola like symptoms. Why was Nina Pham not under quarantine after caring for the index patient Thomas Eric Duncan?

10723256_853196371398588_966262267_nForty-Eight healthcare providers at Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital, who were in contact with Thomas Eric Duncan before he was placed in isolation, are under being watched and using the procedures established by the CDC.

“At some point there was a breach in protocol,” Frieden said at a press conference in Atlanta yesterday. “It is possible that other individuals were exposed.” These unnamed individuals are currently self-monitoring and NOT in quarantine.

In Madrid, Teresa Romaro, 44, is the first known person to  have contacted the disease outside of West Africa. She was caring for a Spanish priest who was infected in West Africa who died September 25, 2014. Heath authorities in Spain are suspect that Teresa Romero may have been infected after touching her gloved hand to her face while taking off her protective gear.

It very clear that the health care providers treating Ebola patients are not being monitored properly. Why would heath care facilities not take the common sense approach and use every outlined containment procedures to stop the spread of Ebola? This is a situation that is becoming a world-wide outbreak due to improper containment and decontamination.

Dr. Ben Carson wrote a piece for Newsmax ,“Keep Ebola Out of America.” Wednesday October 08, 2014. He said:

“I have no desire to induce panic, but we must realize that some viruses are known to undergo mutations that make them more virulent. If the Ebola virus becomes even more pathologic, the ensuing panic and destruction of human life could go far beyond what is currently being acknowledged. If we stop trying to prove we are right-whatever our opinions are -and instead concentrate our efforts on halting the spread of the disease where it is concentrated, and find a cure, perhaps we could avert needless panic and death throughout Africa, America and the world.”

Containment and quarantine is the only way to stop any further spread, beyond the people who have come into contact or cared for Ebola victims. Once this outbreak is managed and contained properly, maybe we can develop new treatment and maybe a cure for Ebola.

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