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Convicted felon Jeremy Meeks parlays “hot mugshot” into modeling, showbiz career

Jeremy Meeks, a career criminal facing seven felony counts, has a Hollywood future. The dangerous gang banger, who has an extensive rap sheet, is being vindicated because of looks. According to the UK Daily Mail, Meeks is being courted by fashion designers and stylists, who want to dress him in Tom Ford suits while standing trial. After that, who knows, the sky is the limit for the pretty boy thug.

There is something seriously wrong in America. Jeremy Meeks is a lifelong criminal. But to millions of women, he’s something to be idolized. Is it the pale, ocean blue eyes? The olive skin? Or the teardrop tattoo so clearly observed under his eye? The tear drop tattoo under the left eye is a signal that a person has killed someone, or attempted it. Meeks has gang affiliations so undoubtedly this has significance.

Does a “pretty murderer” make his crime less offensive? In the case of Jeremy Meeks, being a criminal pays. In all likelihood, he won’t be a serious Hollywood celebrity, but the heart of the issue is that he is being courted for fame, specifically modeling, BEFORE going to trial.

Jeremy Meeks, the alleged gang member who became an Internet sensation after his handsome mug shot was posted on a police Facebook site, is in talks with top designers to dress him during his trial, his attorney told MailOnline today.

Top designers want to dress this gang banger. It has also been reported that the convict’s associates are seeking representation for a future modeling career. Maybe he could get his own reality show, or be the next Bachelor. The only problem with that being he’s married. But Meeks’s handsome mugshot, and instant notoriety, has given his attorney the leeway to ask for it to be permissible for him to wear designer clothing while on trial, instead of the usual orange jumpsuit.

Tai Bogan said that it was important that his client looked as ‘good as possible’ before a jury and to that end the family were close to signing designers to cloth him during his court appearances.

The lawyer, who is being paid with money raised through a family Gofundme page, spoke to MailOnline after his client appeared in court for a second time.

Meek’s mug shot picture got 40,000 Facebook likes, spawning a website that is raising money to “Free Jeremy Meeks, ” in an effort for him to meet his $1.1 million dollar bail. That’s right, the world is going berserk to free and make famous a man whose bail is over seven figures. Right now, his picture has been shared at least 100,000 times.

Never mind that Officer Joseph Silva of the Stockton, California police department said that Meeks was, “one of the most violent criminals in the entire area.” That doesn’t seem to faze his admirers. A new era has come up on us. Where in the past, notorious serial killers like “The Nightstalker” Richard Ramirez and Ted Bundy had admirers, the majority of people were repulsed by them, horrified by their atrocities. Today, Ramirez would have Facebook pages dedicated to him, much like Meeks. The only difference is that Meeks stands a change of getting out of prison. Then in an ode to a culture of rot and decay, it is off to take advantage of his fifteen minutes of fame and fortune. As well as revel in the basking glow of rabid female admirers, who care nothing about his crimes, but only about his deceptive looks.

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