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Conway! Our Media Not Being Reporters, They’re Being Professional HACKS!

Kellyanne Conway just told the media off in a no holds barred interview!

The mainstream media has decided they are not going to learn any lessons and stop attacking the Trump administration and just die the death of 1,000 cuts. Every day the media is given a chance to report the truth about the administration and they want to focus on things Americans don’t care about.

The mainstream media is so arrogant, their office think tanks are saying Americans want to hear this and guess what, we really don’t. We want the truth about the moves Trump is making to make this country great again and Special Counselor to the President, Kellyanne Conway doesn’t mind calling them out any day and every day.

From Daily Caller:

The counselor to the president told Sean Hannity during an interview Monday that it’s clear Trump is treated differently by the press than Barack Obama or Hillary Clinton would be.

“It hardly qualifies as breaking news to say that,” Conway said. “President Obama, especially in his first couple days in office, was treated much differently than Donald Trump. We know that and we’re going to deal with that, but it would be nice if people showed respect of the office of the president and gave him a chance.”

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“If they want to call themselves journalists and reporters, they ought to think about what they’re doing,” she continued.

“If they snark, if they roll their eyes, if their Twitter feed is filled with 92 percent anti-Trump tweets, they’re not being reporters, they’re being opinion columnists. They’re being professional political hacks and pundits, and we have a right to call that out.”

Conway has had to receive a secret service detail because the media has been gone with a hostile attitude toward her and what she speaks. That has resulted in many death threats and she’s not even a cabinet member. Conway calls out the media and they can’t stand it.

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