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Corey Lewandowski will not be charged for alleged battery on reporter Michelle Fields

Just heard over the wires, Donald Trump’s campaign manager Cory Lewandowski will not be prosecuted for alleged battery on Breitbart reporter Michelle Fields. The Law officials probably took a long look for a few days at the video and saw that there was not enough there to prosecute Lewandowski.

This is confirmation about just how evil the liberal media and even members of the anti-Trump conservative movement are against the Trump campaign. Many people saw the video from the hotel close circuit monitoring system, and they did not see what Fields initially had said in her statement.

Members of the Anti-Trump conservative movement joined in on the attack wagon and even asked for Lewandowski’s dismissal, firing which was weird because it had not even been before the court system. Others conservatives decided to keep their mouths shut.

From Newsmax:

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump’s campaign manager, who was charged in Florida last month with battery on a reporter, will not be prosecuted, Politico reported on Wednesday, citing sources with knowledge of the situation.

Corey Lewandowski was charged with intentionally grabbing and bruising the arm of Michelle Fields, then a reporter for the conservative news outlet Breitbart, when she tried to question Trump at a campaign event on March 8.

Palm Beach County State Attorney David Aronberg is scheduled to announce the decision not to press charges against Lewandowski on Thursday afternoon, Politico said

This should clear everything up, and things will be getting back to normal unless members of the conservative movement decide they want to pursue it even further. I am glad it’s over, and it’s back to campaign time. Trump initially said if he had seen Lewandowski throw the reporter to the ground he would have fired her on the spot but he never saw it in the video.

What do you think about this news? Do you think Fields should pursue it even further or is this a done subject? Share your opinions (below) and add this to your Facebook/Twitter page.

h/t – Newsmax

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