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News Ninja
Wayne Dupree, News Ninja at CPAC 2015 Blogger of the Year Award

CPAC Blogger of the Year


Every year the American Conservative Union presents one individual with the coveted title of Blogger of the Year at CPAC. This year the ACU awarded the News Ninja, Wayne Dupree.

Wayne Dupree

During his acceptance speech, Wayne thanked his team, friends at FTR Radio and his family for their support. He also mentioned by name one special person who helped launch his blogging efforts, Lecia Smith, who he referred to as an angel.

Wayne Dupree

“Three years ago I was watching this conference on CSPAN. I was like, ‘I wish I was there.’ Two years ago, I decided I would go, with the help of an angel; an angel that saw something in me, that she could help me. She believed in my message. Lecia Smith if you’re out there, thank you.”

Wayne encouraged the conservative activists in the audience to raise their voices and stand up:

“We need you more now. We need your voice more than ever. Don’t be afraid. Don’t be afraid to stand up when people start calling you names. Your voice matters.”

The end of his speech became a little emotional again when he spoke about his daughters:

“Another source of my energy are my daughters. I have twin girls. I love them so much. And they are proud of their dad. And there is sometimes when I cant be with them because I’m working and they understand that. I’m not like Congress. They will get up in front of you and say I’m doing this for the future of your children. Where I’m actually doing this for the future of my children.”

WAAR ‘We Are America Radio’ network is proud that Wayne has been recognized for his contribution to the conservative bloggesphere.

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