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Crimea Secedes to Russia, the U.S. wants Sanctions, and Russia Promises Economic Horrors

The world has moved closer to war with the latest news regarding the situation in the Ukraine. Crimea has voted – in favor by 93 percent – to secede from the Ukraine and join with Russia. This was certainly an expected result. Reactions to it have also been expected.

Though the west (including the U.S.) as well as Ukrainian leaders opposed it, there was essentially nothing they could do about it, except use more words to condemn the actions. So far, words have not worked to deter either Putin or Crimea from doing what they want to do, as he is apparently, not afraid of words. Who knew? “On Saturday, Russia vetoed a United Nations Security Council resolution that would have declared the referendum illegal.”

It appears that Russia has the power and they are using it, leaving the United States with little to do but move ahead with sanctions against Russia. This past March 6th, President Obama signed the order that put the U.S. in the position of favoring sanctions against Russia. In response to this, the U.S. was told by Russian leaders that, in effect, any sanctions imposed on Russia would wind up backfiring on the U.S.

That means that Russia would pull out assets from western banks and this has already begun happening. On March 14, 2014, $105 billion had been “reallocated…from the Fed’s custody accounts, bringing the total amount of US paper held at the Fed to a level not seen since December 2012.” The most likely country to have don this is Russia, though China could have as well. Remember though that Russia and China are essentially in agreement over the Ukraine issue.

If Russia is the country that removed billions from western banks, they’ve done so in an effort to remain ahead of the sanction that may go into effect this week. Now, with Crimea voting to secede from Ukraine and join with Russia, Russia has the upper hand.

As I’ve stated in other articles elsewhere, it appears as though the Global Elite (GE) benefits greatly from having the Ukraine join the European Union (EU) for any numbers of reasons. First, the EU is having to hold up the failing economies of Spain, Portugal, Italy, and Greece. That is taking a real toll on the finances of all current EU countries. The EU needs financial and natural resources from more countries to help stop the financial bleeding.

If Ukraine joins the EU, the EU gains dominance over Ukraine’s natural resources (as they have with the rest of the EU countries already). In effect, Ukraine loses a good deal of its sovereignty to the EU, which is why I believe the previous president of Ukraine, Viktor Yanukovych, walked away from the bargaining table with the EU at the eleventh hour. He must have realized just how much Ukraine would lose by joining (and becoming subservient to) the EU.

The GE has much to gain from having more individual countries join the existing groupings of countries (like the EU). Ultimately, the GE sees the world coming together as a huge, one-world system, where pesky things like national borders (and tariffs) play no part. This is one of the things that people like David Rockefeller have been working toward for decades. Others of course, have joined him in his efforts, through the Trilateral Commission, Council on Foreign Relations, and other UN-based groups and agencies.

The Ukraine has a choice to remain free of the EU or stick with Russia. The new, acting president of Ukraine – Oleksandr Turchynov – is a puppet, or “placeholder.” He’ll do what he is told. The prime minister of Ukraine – Arseniy Yatsenyuk (an oligarch in his own right) – was handpicked by the United States, which means he is approved by the GE. He will push to be united with the EU.

You see, as the groupings of countries continues to grow throughout the world, with each new additional country added to the mix (and losing national sovereignty), it will make it that much easier for the GE to create a one-world system that controls everything. Biblically-speaking, I fully believe this will occur. At the same time, I also believe we have an obligation to resist it because the goal is pure evil. We cannot – must not – have a que sera sera (what will be, will be) attitude.

Crimea has voted to secede from Ukraine and join Russia. I’m not sure what anyone will be able to do about that. In fact, a recent poll found that unlike Obama’s abysmally plummeting popularity, Putin’s popularity is soaring, up to 71.6%. President Obama’s is hovering just about the 40% mark, though I believe that’s stretching it.

What is happening in Crimea is ultimately going to make it more difficult for the United States to just continue talking. Our “leaders” will have to either do something physical or not, but talking isn’t going to have any effect. It’s had none already.

White House advisor, speaking of the recent vote in Crimea, Dan Pfeiffer noted, “The United States is not going to recognize the results of that referendum,” with Jay Carney echoing those sentiments. The problem though is that, once again, these are simply words and Putin has shown a very distinct disdain for any words coming from the United States. He simply doesn’t care. Who can blame him?

The U.S. ultimately wants Ukraine (and Crimea) to join the ranks of the EU. The U.S. – acting on behalf of the GE – wants more countries to come together in larger groups where individual national autonomy is eliminated in favor of interdependence. This is what America has attempted to achieve in Northern Africa by helping to topple the governments of Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, and elsewhere. The U.S. continues to attempt this same thing in other parts of the Middle East, specifically where Israel is concerned.

Ultimately, the U.S. leaders are puppets for the same GE that wants Ukraine to join the EU. They all work toward the same goal of unifying the world into smaller groupings first, then joining those smaller groupings together into larger “pods” of countries. If not, why is the old NAFTA back on again. It has been called the North American Union (NAU), but was changed because that was way too obvious. The NAU is set to include Canada, the U.S., and Mexico as one block of countries in one union. Each country would lose its own individual autonomy under the NAU flag.

Again, the GE benefits greatly when more countries are portioned off into groups. From there, a one-world system can be much more easily achieved. The sticking point for the U.S. now is the Constitution. The GE needs to collapse it so that the U.S. can become part of the NAU. That’s why Obama was installed as president. Anyone who disagrees with him will be called racist and who wants that? It’s a near-sure fire way to shut down opposition.

With Crimea voting to secede and go with Russia and Russia warning that any sanctions approved by the U.S. will boomerang back on the U.S., we can be assured that bad things this way cometh. Russia has begun removing billions in assets from western banks, as noted. If China does this as well, the dollar will be headed for the garbage dump. Putin has also already stated that if the U.S. pursues sanctions against Russia, then Russia will have no choice but to dump the dollar as the reserve currency. If that happens, what we will see in the U.S. will be worse than the Great Depression.

Would this benefit the GE? You bet because it will position the U.S. into being desperate enough to want to join with other countries to remain “solvent.” I believe this is why President Obama signed the order to move ahead with sanctions against Russia on March 16th.

Crimea wants to go with Russia. Putin is not part of the GE and never has been. The GE stands against Putin and he knows it, but he also doesn’t care and is pushing back. Estimates are that Russia has over 60,000 troops in the Ukraine/Crimea area, with armor and munitions ready to go. Putin is in this for the long haul.

We will likely see more movement – dancing and dodging – this coming week. It’s by no means over and in some ways, has just started to ramp up. Stay tuned.

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