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Cruz and Rubio battle on immigration then the Gang of Eight came up, OH BOY!

GOP candidate Marco Rubio chose an interesting topic to challenge fellow candidate Ted Cruz on. I think tonight showed his mistake.

I think Rubio shot himself in the foot on it. He finally, after being pushed, admitted that he is for a pathway to citizenship (one that takes over a decade, but still). That is an entirely unacceptable position for today’s GOP.

As you will see in the video, this is where it got really good:

Rubio countered, “In 2013, we had never faced a crisis like the Syrian refugee crisis now. Up until that point, a refugee meant someone fleeing oppression, fleeing Communism, like it is in my community. As far as Ted’s record, I’m always puzzled by his attack on this issue. Ted, you support legalizing people who are in this country illegally. Ted Cruz supported a 500% increase in the number of H-1B visas, the guest workers that are allowed into this country, and Ted supports doubling the number of green cards.”

Cruz argued back, “It is not accurate, what he just said, that I supported legalization. Indeed, I led the fight against his legalization and amnesty bill. And you know, there was one commentator that put it this way, that for Marco to suggest our record’s the same is like suggesting the fireman and the arsonist have the same record because they’re both at the scene of the fire.”

Both of these young Senators really had a substantive exchange, check it out with this video:

Overall, I think Rubio was the loser tonight. Not that he did bad tactically or made any big mistakes besides the one I listed above, but because JEB was the getting the spotlight in his tiff with Trump, and Christie didn’t hurt himself (didn’t help either).

That’s bad news for Rubio. He has to seal the deal with the Establishment. And, combined with the immigration blunder, and being on the defensive most of the night…I don’t think he did.

What do you think of this exchange between the two? Who won? Share your comments below.

h/t – CNN Youtube

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