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Cruz campaign: Even if we come in distant third in PA, we will get half the delegates

That Ted Cruz is some outsider. Yes, he follows the rules. Would be better if he would say how absurd these rules are. Now we know what money does in politics: buys dinners for these delegates.

Cruz is not about winning votes of the people anymore. He’s bypassing the blue-collar voters for delegates, and he’s well within the rules of the GOP to do so.


My question here is who on Cruz’s team gave him the lowdown of the establishment rules system? Cruz is playing by the establishment rules now, and many voters will call that cheating, but it’s not. However, it’s ok for voters to feel cheated as they have never liked the establishment anyway.

Look at what’s happening in Pennsylvania. Cruz isn’t talking to the people for their votes; he’s reaching out to the delegates of the GOP for their votes. He won’t even be in New York tonight has he won’t win or probably even place 2nd in the state.

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“It’s very telling that’s Ted Cruz tonight is not in Brooklyn or Manhattan or any of the boroughs or state. He’s in Pennsylvania,” reported Jackson.

“He’ll be in Philly for his watch party tonight,” Jackson said. “That’s indicative of where he and his campaign see this race going, to Pennsylvania, where they are looking to make a play for these unbound delegates. Even if they come in a distant third, a top campaign aide tells me, they will still, they believe, pick up more than half the delegates there.”

“They’re looking at more than 30,” Jackson said.

Cruz appears self-righteous while at the same time circumventing the “will of the people” for backroom “technically legal” tactics. The one who purportedly is here to save us is the one getting ready to sell us to the sharks–once again. He is worse than Hillary and Sanders–we know what we get with them.

Cruz cannot win against Hillary in FL, OH. NY or CA so, please tell me how he expects to win the general election. Share with me (below) in the comment section on how there’s a pathway for him to win the nomination.

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