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Cruz campaign produces viral Rubio-Obama graphic, Only problem, it was photoshopped; Rubio responds!

My goodness. What’s with the Sen. Ted Cruz Campaign? Another nasty trick, this time against Sen. Marco Rubio . The Cruz campaign literally “made up a picture” showing Rubio shaking hands with Barack Obama in an attack ad. The problem is that the picture is not real – it didn’t happen. Rubio describes this is in a continuing line of the Cruz Campaign just making things up to suit their purposes.

You have to wonder who is signing off on these bad decisions.

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Here is the original photo used for the graphic:


I spent over ten years in graphic design so I know a photoshopped graphic when I see one, and this is one. The problem is the campaign was caught, and they initially said it was a legit graphic, and then they walked it back later. That’s not right my friends.

Here is the video ad:

What did you think of this tactic used by the Cruz campaign in South Carolina? Do you think the Cruz campaign was wrong or do you think anything goes in this bloodsport. Show your comments below let us know what you think.



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