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Cruz campaign: We’re not worried about Rubio; then releases negative ad calling him “Republican Obama”

Senator Ted Cruz focused most of his election efforts on the state of Iowa forsaking keeping an even approach to New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina, the early primary states. He focused on the frontrunner Donald Trump and tried to make the Iowa Caucuses into a two-man race forsaking everyone else.

Now Marco Rubio is rising and doing it fast, and the Cruz campaign is scuttling to fight that border as now he’s surrounded.

From CNN:

Just two days before voters go to the polls, in a new television advertisement in Iowa, Cruz calls Rubio “the Republican Obama,” a sign that Cruz’s campaign could be worried the Florida senator is surging.

The Texas senator, under siege by much of the GOP field, has moved nearly all of his negative ads away from Trump — who sits in a modest first place according to Iowa recent polls — and toward Rubio.

“They call Ted Cruz Obama’s nemesis,” the ad begins, which first aired on Friday and was observed by CMAG/Kantar Media, a company that tracks political advertising. “Marco Rubio’s different, the Republican Obama who championed Obama’s amnesty and led the Gang of Eight,” a reference to failed immigration legislation in 2013 that would have provided a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants.

The spot also airs a video of Rubio in which he appears to support a cap-and-trade program, a plan to tax carbon emissions.

“Tax hikes. Amnesty. The Republican Obama,” the message concludes.

Cruz’s campaign and super PACs have released a flurry of similar negative spots on Rubio shortly before the caucus, most of which dredge up Rubio’s support for the Gang of Eight’s immigration bill.

Watch the video spot!

Do you think it’s too late? Is Rubio moving upwards too fast? Share your comments below and let us know what you thought of this attack ad.

h/t – CNN

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