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Cruz Campaign’s Rick Tyler should be fired! Shares false story implicating Rubio, deletes it; then apologizes – Check out other missteps!

Sen. Ted Cruz has a problem in his campaign, and it’s been there for a while. That problem is his campaign manager Rick Tyler. Tyler has been behind a few of the major missteps that could have derailed the campaign over the last few weeks.

He’s a spokesman who doesn’t seem like he understands the role, almost like it’s his first time.

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The same Tyler pushed the story about the old woman that “lost her home” due to Donald Trump’s eminent domain when she never did.

From Breitbart:

“We’re not talking about the Keystone Pipeline or highways or bridges. What we’re talking about is a casino parking lot that was for limousines to pull up to the parking lot,” Cruz campaign communications director Rick Tyler responded (beginning at the 3:20 mark of the show segment).

“And a widow in Atlantic City lost her home over eminent domain, which was driven by Donald Trump,” Tyler asserted.

“She did not lose her home,” Pierson responded.

Cruz spokesperson Rick Tyler conceded the point to Pierson on Saturday

“I misspoke about her losing her home,” Tyler tells Breitbart News in an emailed statement.

Then Tyler had to apologize when the Cruz campaign had to take down a web ad featuring a former porn star. Tyler blamed it on the production company, but he was involved in that too.

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Now comes the pushing of a video posted The Daily Pennsylvanian, a student paper, showing Sen. Marco Rubio talking to  Cruz staffer while the campaigns were both staying in the same hotel. According to the video’s subtitles, they had the following conversation:

RUBIO: Got a good book there.

STAFFER: Yes, sir.

RUBIO: Not many answers in it. (points) Especially in that one.

But that’s now how the conversation happened. If you check out this video again, you can clearly hear the following:

RUBIO: Got a good book there.

STAFFER: Yes, sir.

RUBIO: All the answers are in there, especially in that one.

Instead of checking the authenticity of the speech, Tyler spread the bad video around as a hit piece on Rubio. Tyler later apologized for this discrepancy via Facebook.

Screen Shot 2016-02-22 at 7.39.58 AM

Listen, some people just aren’t cut out to work in politics and Tyler strikes me as that guy. I understand the Cruz campaign will not fire those who mess up but this presidential election is high stakes, and Tyler is not cut out for this.

What do you think about Tyler? Do you think he should be let go? Will Cruz distance himself from Tyler and his bad decisions? Share your comments below and let us know what you are thinking.

h/t – Breitbart, Youtube


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