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Cruz has a unique skill which puts him above all other candidates!

According to Glenn Beck, of TheBlaze, GOP Presidential Candidate Ted Cruz has a unique skill that could serve him very well if he is elected to the White House.

According to Beck, Cruz has an “audio graphic memory”. That is, Cruz can remember everything he hears in conversation and recall it verbatim.

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No doubt this skill has probably already played a role in Cruz’s career thus far. It’s not too hard to imagine how valuable such a skill would be on the Senate floor or during a political debate.

According to TheBlaze:

“To be able to sit down — if you could just watch all the tapes of Vladimir Putin, nobody is getting around him,” Beck said. “You’re sitting down, ‘Actually, no, that’s not what you said.’ Yes it is. ‘No it’s not.’ … To have someone with a photographic or, in [Cruz’s] case, audiographic memory is a massive plus.”

What do you think? Is Beck right?


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