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Cruz: ‘I have always been faithful to my wife’; blames Trump campaign for story with no proof

There you go, ladies and gentlemen.

You wanted it, and Sen. Ted Cruz is finally on record declaring he has not cheated on his wife, ever. This statement happened on Fox News earlier Monday when he was asked the question amid the phone record scandal in which the lawyer of the late DC Madam has asked the US Supreme Court to allow him to open the report as it could have grave consequences to the 2016 Election.

The Supreme Court is taking up the case as of April 1, 2016 (not an April Fool’s Joke).

The National Enquirer story comes out on newsstands today!

From Daily Mail:

Ted Cruz has finally denied cheating on his wife – at the same time as his phone number is alleged to be in the ‘Black Book’ used by the notorious DC Madam.

The Republican presidential candidate’s digits are reportedly be included in 15,000 pages of phone records dating back two decades.

The allegations come after Cruz was accused of cheating on his wife Heidi and having had five ‘mistresses’.

He has called the claims ‘complete garbage’ but declined to say that he had never cheated on his wife, until on Monday the told Fox News: ‘I have always been faithful to my wife.’

Her Black Book has been circulating on the Internet for years but now RadarOnline claims that Cruz’s number was among those listed.

The book contains numbers dating from 1995 to 2006 and it is not clear when Cruz is said to have been featured.

Here is the video:

What do you think about Cruz denying the allegations publicly and still blaming Donald Trump for leaking the story to the National Enquirer without any proof. Let me also add; the National Enquirer has stated they didn’t get the story from the Trump campaign.

Share your comments (below).

h/t – The Daily Mail



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