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Cruz: No interest in becoming Trump’s VP pick

Before you read anything into this, it’s probably better that Sen. Ted Cruz did say this the way he did. Cruz is currently in a battle to try to win the GOP nomination, for him to say that he would gladly be Trump’s VP pick at this juncture would hurt his nomination chances.

From Townhall:

HH: Have you seen the superPAC ad using Donald Trump’s own words spoken by women about women? Have you seen it, Senator Cruz?

TC: I have. It is devastating, I think.

HH: All right, so having that background, those vulnerabilities, and given the extremely negative, harsh, and I believe untrue things that Donald Trump has said about you, would you ever agree to serve as his vice president on a ticket?

TC: I have absolutely zero interest in doing that. Donald Trump loses to Hillary, and the answer, as you know, Hugh, a lot of folks in the Washington establishment, they’re having fevered dreams right now of wanting a brokered convention.

As the process goes on, if Trump has an increasing lead in delegates, then it behoves you as a Patriot, to get behind him, to stop a nightmare Hillary presidency………

Do you think Cruz answer the question correctly, or do you think there’s no chance in hell that he would be part of a Trump administration?

Share your comments on this interview below and a comments section and let us know if you thought he was being genuine or political.

h/t – TownHall

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