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Cruz once again blames media on giving Trump coverage; then Anderson Cooper embarrasses him

Anderson Cooper was right on the money when he called out Sen. Ted Cruz on the amount of coverage Donald Trump was getting with the networks. Cooper didn’t let Cruz smear his network as he continually does through his press conferences. Cruz has belabored the fact Trump gets more coverage than the rest of the candidates, but Cooper reminded Cruz that CNN has reached out, but his campaign has declined invitations.

This is not the first time either. Cooper also said the same thing to former campaign spokesman Rick Tyler, who blew the accusation off.

Ted Cruz: What I know is that the media was involved in a lovefest, giving Donald Trump two billion dollars in free media… How many hours in free media does CNN and FOX and every other station, you let Donald Trump call in for a year…

Anderson Cooper: We asked you for interviews pretty much every day and you’ve declined every offer on my program.

Here’s the video:

Cruz has no problem going on Mark Levin and Glenn Beck but according to CNN’s Cooper, he doesn’t want to show up. Did you know this? Did you know Cruz was declining appearances so he could build up his narrative? This is almost like nobody in the establishment likes me, but it seems as late, they are all gravitating around him and endorsing him.

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h/t – CNN

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