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Cruz pulls a Rubio and goes personal on Trump: “He’s acting like a mobster”

While listening to the Sean Hannity radio show today, Sen. Ted Cruz joined Sean today to talk about issues for the 2016 campaign. Cruz usually tells his crowds that he does not talk about Trump in a personal way or he doesn’t make any personal attacks on the billionaire businessman from New York.

Cruz: His 'Trump' campaign is behaving like Democratic union thugs. Click to Tweet
Well, I think that stopped today.

Cruz went way over the top in this interview and as you will see. Every time Sean asked him for specifics, Cruz generalized it. That’s why I can’t support this guy.

“It is wrong to be threatening delegates and threatening voters with physical violence,” added Cruz. “Donald is behaving like a mobster. His campaign is behaving like Democratic union thugs.”

Cruz also took out his frustration laying blame with Roger Stone, who used to work with the Trump campaign. Most people online will tell you or insinuate the Donald Trump is losing it, But that could be easily said for Cruz after listening to this interview below:

What did you think about the interview and do you think Cruz had a legitimate excuse to call Trump a gangster?

Share your comments (below) as I want to read your opinion.

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