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Cruz reminds S.C. voters of Trump’s pro-choice views over 19 years ago in new TV ad

Sen. Ted Cruz is hitting the panic button right now. He’s been distorting the truth about Sen. Marco Rubio and GOP front-runner Donald Trump for the last two weeks in order to try and win in South Carolina.

Hey it’s a bloodsport, we all know that, but continuing to use video from 1999 crafting Trump positions 27 years ago as the judges he would nominate today — when his positions had changed is completely wrong!

Trump has not tried to hide his former view on abortion. He has stated he is now Pro-Life – much the same way Ronald Reagan went from being pro-abortion to pro-life. But the truth doesn’t matter to Cruz if it gives him a chance to smear an opponent.

This from the man who pushed John Roberts for the Court – which has given us ObamaCare. Trump stated he is pro-Life and he said BEFORE Scalia passed away, he would nominate Justices like “Scalia and Thomas” to the Court.

Here is the new TV ad:

How many people do you know who remain the same for that period of time. Trump has stated he has changed on a number of issues over the years but you don’t see that in this video. Would this be considered misleading the public?

What are your views? Share your comments below!

h/t – YouTube

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