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Cruz responds to McCain’s questioning his eligibility: He’s trying to help Rubio this election, no surprise!

Well there you go!

GOP candidate Ted Cruz just took out two establishment birds with one stone but lumping them both together in an interview with Bloomberg Politics host Mark Halperin.

Everyone know Senator John McCain and GOP Presidential candidate Marco Rubio served on the same Gang of Eight committee so there could be some validity to Cruz’s statement:

From Bloomberg:

Ted Cruz responded to John McCain questioning his eligibility for the presidency, saying the Arizona senator is secretly trying to boost Marco Rubio’s chances at the Republican nomination.

“I think it is no surprise to anybody that John McCain is going to be supporting Marco Rubio in this election,” Cruz told Mark Halperin of Bloomberg’s With All Due Respect. “It’s no surprise at all that he’s trying to do what he can to help the candidate that he’s favoring who he thinks shares policy positions with him.”

The Texas senator’s rebuttal comes hours after McCain said during a Phoenix radio interview that Cruz’s birth abroad and his eligibility to become president is “worth looking into.”

Watch Cruz lay it out on the line:

What do you think? Does Cruz have a point? Does it seem plausible McCain is protecting Rubio? Share your comments below.

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