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Cruz rides evangelical win in Iowa; but Rubio’s performance is stunning!

CNN just called Iowa for Ted Cruz . It was a three-way race between Cruz, Donald Trump and Marco Rubio , and Cruz pulled it out, leading now 28%-24%. It appears Trump has underperformed his poll numbers, and the story of the night may be Rubio, who has 23% of the vote. He undoubtedly took a lot of votes away from Trump, doing very well in areas Trump was expected to dominate. That does not bode well for Trump going forward.

With 99% of the vote reporting, it looks like this:


No doubt Cruz will get a bump out of this win, but Rubio may get an even bigger bump because he was not expected to do this well, while Cruz was always supposed to win in Iowa. The heavy evangelical presence in Iowa’s GOP was tailor-made for Cruz.

The big question now is how will this affect Trump? Will Trump quickly recover in New Hampshire with a big win, or will his numbers now sink all across the nation since he has now lost the first contest. I would expect to see a big Rubio surge in New Hampshire over the next week. It’s going to be something to watch.

What are your thoughts about the race? Do you think Rubio is poised to take down Cruz and Trump in the upcoming states? Share your thoughts and comments below. Let us know what you are thinking about this turn of events.

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